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1961 US Proof Coin Set, Mint Sealed


Buy one of these US Mint 1961 Franklin half proof coin sets, also referred to as a "flat pack". They have been sealed and never opened since they were produced more than 45 years ago. These mint sealed sets sell at a premium because of the chance that one may contain superb cameo coin or a double die error. One of the pictures shows an opened pack with the actual coins and inserts. As shown, this example had wonderfully unblemished coins. The one you receive will be from one of the unopened packs, with whatever quality and condition coins they contain. The envelopes are slightly dog eared or wrinkled in the corners, but are otherwise problem free. Silver has been close to $20 an ounce, so more than half the price of these sets is the silver content alone. Price is for one set.

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