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Christensen Agate Co. Marbles

Christensen Agate Company (1925-1933) was an Ohio-based company which had no connection with the earlier M.F. Christensen & Son Company. In fact, the company may have adopted a similar name to capitalize on the success of the earlier company.

Christensen Agate is best known for its tricolor and multicolor swirls in very dramatic "electric" colors. These marbles often have exceptionally feathering patterns and flame-like appearance. Sometimes 1940s and 1950s Ravenswood or Champion or champion marbles are sold as Christensen, but these marbles have a different appearance. Christensen Agate marbles typically have bold contrasting colors with nice swirls and little mixing between the colors. Certain features like a “diaper fold” or “turkey head” patterns are symptomatic of Christensen Agate. Less dramatic, but still collectible are CA striped opaques and striped transparents.

Christensen Agate also made the "Guinea" marble, a striking multicolor marble that is one of the most expensive and desirable of all machine-made marbles. The name is purportedly derived from the similar coloration of Guinea Hens. Genuine CA guinea marbles have one or two machine “cut lines” that are not found on modern handmade guineas. Cut lines are where the molten glass was cut in the machine, the reformed and rolled back to a sphere. They look like seams on the marble, and are sometimes raised.

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