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Akro Agate Marbles

Akro Agate Company (1910-1951) was the single greatest producer of American-made marbles. For example, most of the slag marbles that you will find will probably have been made by Akro Agate Co. These were made mostly early in the company’s history. Akro Agate also made many different patch marbles. The most collectible patch marbles were the Moss Agates. These were made also relatively early in the company’s history.

Akro Agate is most famous for its production of “corkscrew” marbles; and was the only company to mass-produce them. These marbles, with a band of colored glass spiraling around the surface, are among the most collectible marbles today. Their popularity is not only the result of their beauty, but also because they have never been reproduced, so their authenticity is guaranteed. The commonest corkscrew was called a Prizename, which had two colors. Prizenames with a white base are the most common; those with a color base command a strong premium, especially in the more striking combinations. Transparent-based corks are the most valuable two color corkscrews.

Three-color corkscrews are called "Specials." One of the most sought after corkscrew marbles are a type of multicolor marbles with a clear base, referred to as a "Popeye" marble. This name arose because of the cartoon character that graced the cover of the box in which they were sold. Generally these have 2 color corkscrews in a clear base glass. The clear base glass must contain fine white filaments.

Some Akro Agates were also made with a very distinct and unique "oxblood" colored glass. Akro Agate also made the so-called "Ade" marbles as in Lemonade, Limeade, and Cherryade. Click the links below to learn more about these marbles.

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