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Vitro Agate Company Marbles

Vitro Agate Company (1932-1969) became Gladding-Vitro Agate Company (1969-1982), then Vitro Agate (1982-1993), and finally JABO-Vitro (1993-present). The JABO-Vitro Company still makes a marble called "Classics" which look like older swirls, and these marbles have flooded the Internet auction market and are sometimes passed off as vintage. The original Vitro Agate marbles such as victories, Conquerors, all reds, and Parrots are collectible. Many early Vitros have a "V" in their pattern in their veneered glass. The parrots often bring the highest price based on eye appeal and condition. Almost all the old Vitros have thin layers of glass veneered onto a clear or opaque white base.

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