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US Postage Stamps

The United States issued its first postage stamps in 1847 and featured George Washington and Ben Franklin, who was the first Postmaster of the United States. Before then, a system was in place that allowed for the delivery of stampless letters, whose cost was either borne by the receiving person, or was pre-paid and carried by private mail carriers and provisional post offices.

The first stamps had to be cut from a sheet with scissors. Perforations were not introduced until the 1850s. The first commemorative United States stamp is considered to be a 15-cent black stamp of 1866 that depicts Abraham Lincoln, which was issued after his assassination in 1865. Many philatelists consider this a memorial stamp, and the first true commemorative series was issued in 1893 to promote the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The first postage due stamps for insufficient postage were issued in 1879. The first Special Delivery stamps were issued in 1885. The first postage stamp for airmail flight was issued in May 1917 and featured a Curtis Jenny airplane.

You will receive the exact stamps shown. If the free shipping option is offered and selected, the stamps will be shipped in a first class letter with light card stock with no tracking.

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