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23 Mineral specimens from estate collection, Grieger's

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We are offering for one money these 23 mineral samples from an estate collection. Included in the lot are two pieces of pyrite, druzy citrine quartz, druzy amethyst, a semi translucent orthoclase crystal, a piece of black and gemmy green tourmaline crystals. Apatite, Orbicular Rhyolite from Mexico, Galena from Kansas, a gemmy moonstone (exhibits Adularescence) from India, a bloodstone slab from India, and others.

Many of the specimens have old Grieger's labels with specimen impressed into and glued upon Styrofoam blocks. (I think model glue was used which should be removable with lacquer thinner or nail polish remover.) Grieger's was a Southern California mineral and lapidary company in business from the 1930s until it closed in the 1990s. Many specimens have no labels including what looks like a a honiker diamond (quartz), and a blackish crystal in the front row that looks like corundum. Some of the minerals like the pyrite have become detached from the Styrofoam blocks.

Samples will be individually packaged in bags to keep tags and specimens together. Buy these and some of our other lots to build a nice starter mineral collection at a reasonable price. The Moonstone and Bloodstone could be cut into cabs for jewelry.

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