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Spiratone Vario Dupliscope 35mm Slide Negative Copier M42 or FD

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This Spiratone slide copier was designed to take photos of slides to make print copies. It has a 1x to 2.5x zoom collar, and a slide barrel to adjust focus. One thumbscrew allows and locks the angle of the slide holder, and the other thumbscrew locks focus. The white screen flips up, and the side holder has a second groove, possibly to hold a filter, or other type of film holder. The small lens in the barrel has no fungus or scratches. The camera flash suggests a little haze on one lens, but this does not affect the images taken. This example came with a M42 to Canon FD adaptor attached. This configuration will work with mirrorless cameras with a Canon FD adaptor, or FD to EOS with corrective lens. However, if you unscrew the FD adapter, you can attach the M42 threads to an M42 to EOS adapter (or other DSLR), and it will focus. Keep in mind, this slide copier was designed for full frame 35mm, so an APS-C sensor will only cover part of the image, but you could copy smaller negatives (110), or even frames of movie film. Moreover, some hobbyists remove the slide holder (it unscrews) and use it as a high magnification flat-field macro. The photo of the Indian head penny (full sensor frame image) was taken at the 2.5x setting and has an effective magnification of 1.5x, but on a DSLR, the working distance is less than 1 cm. The advantage of using a digital camera and this adapter to copy vintage slides is that they have superior resolution and color rendering, and produce RAW files, as compared to the cheaper digital film scanners on the market. Some film holders on ebay may fit in the 52-mm wide slot. Except for the images down the barrel, the photos were taken with a Yashinon 50mm f1.4 at about f8.

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