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Yashica Silver Auto Yashinon 5cm 50mm f/2 for M42 Japan

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This is an Auto Yashinon 5cm (50 mm) f/2 lens made for an M42 Universal mount. It features a 6-blade diaphragm and a minimum aperture of 16. Minimum focus is 21 inches, and it takes a 49mm filter. It came off the 1961 Yashica Penta J Vintage SLR film camera listed elsewhere on our site (while supply lasts). It is a fast lens with crisp focus, even with the shutter wide open. It is in overall very good condition, and the glass is fine, and free of scratches, haze, fungus, or balsam separation. There are a few tiny specks of dust inside, but nothing that would affect image quality. This is a full frame lens, but it is remarkably compact compared to today's lenses. This is the early and more popular silver nose issue that is noted for its quality, and it was made by Tomioka Kogaku. Later versions are all black. The optical system is a typical double Gauss type with 6 elements in 4 groups. Although the lens is labeled Auto, it is really a semi-auto, and when the charge lever is cocked, it closes to the set aperture when the Yashica camera button is pressed. When adapted to a digital camera, you would never use this lever. It comes with the original snap-on plastic Yashica cap. Please note: M42 adapters come in two flavors, those with a shelf to press in the pin on the bottom of the lens, and those without a shelf. This lens only works with M42 adapters without the shelf. That is because in this early M42 design, the pin cannot be pressed down all the way when the lens is dialed to infinity. This design relates to the semi auto feature, and this lens works perfectly on a Penta J. On typical M42 to digital adapters, the shelf is at the wrong height so you cannot physically turn the focus ring past about 3 meters. This is a popular vintage lens, and it looks great adapted to a modern DSLR or mirrorless digital camera.

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