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1930 Kodak Vest Pocket Bellows Camera, Model B 37323 Box

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This Kodak Model B Vest Camera was made between 1925 and 1934 and was among the smallest folding cameras of the time. This model has a remarkably simple design, with front loading of 127 film and fixed focus. Its has has a Kodak lens behind a Kodak shutter. with four apertures, set by the thumb wheel on the side of the shutter block (numbered 1-4). It has a small pivoting brilliant viewfinder, and the film "autographic" slide door on the back.

The camera is in very good condition with some scuffs on the case, and a little corrosion around the back red film lens. The cardboard box it was housed in is damaged with tape attaching the end side. The bellows are extended by pulling the two pins on the front forward. The shutter is activated by pressing down on the small metal pin. When the shutter lever is in the T position, it is time lapse. When the shutter is in I position, it is instantaneous. Everything seems to function correctly.

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