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M42 Adapted Vintage Projection Lens Luminac Airequipt 4" F:3.5

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This is a vintage Luminac Airequipt projection lens. The lens is a coated anastigmat with a 4" (105mm) focal length, and with a F of 1:3.5. It has been adapted for M42 mounts, with an adapter permanently affixed. The thread is actually 42mm x 0.75pitch (T-Mount), but the thread is so short, it also fits 42mm x 1 pitch adapters (regular M42) very well. The lens has no scratches, fungus, or damage. There are a few tiny specks of dust. There is a small chip on the Bakelite plastic rim. Actual photos taken with the lens are shown. Use of the lens requires extension tubes or bellows. Extension tubes 1+2 = beyond infinity; 2+3 =about 15 foot focus distance, and 1+2+3 = 18 to 20 inches working distance depending upon extension tube length. Focus is by your feet, unless you attach a bellows. Without an iris, depth of field is very shallow, but bokeh is exceptionally creamy. This adapted lens probably works best as a close-up lens.

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