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AUTO Mamiya Sekor 50mm F/2.0 Standard Lens Silver Nose M42 screw

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This is a vintage auto Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 Standard Lens with a silver nose with an M42 universal Pentax screw mount. The lens has all metal construction with a black painted barrel and a chrome nose. This lens was originally made to fit on M42 Universal screw mount film cameras like Pentax Spotmatic, MAMIYA, but it now can be easily be adapted to modern digital cameras like Canon, Sony, and Pentax to name a few. The metal barrel and rings have scuffs as shown, but the glass is very good condition with no scratches, haze, fungus or mold. The aperture has no oil on the blades and works fine, including the manual auto switch. Included with the lens is a Spiratone Opticap with a 52mm thread as found with the lens. This protective glass filter is in good condition, with no scratches, however the brass ring behind the metal edge frame has green tarnish (verdigris) from having gotten wet at some point. You cannot see the tarnish on the backside of the filter when looking at it straight on, and of course, you can take of the filter and put on another 52mm filter like one for haze or UV light. Photos were shot at f11 with a vintage Ricoh Rikenon 50mm F1:2 lens with PK mount adapted to an EOS APS-C camera.

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