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1965 Beatles VI T2358 Album 1st Back "See Label..." ASCAP Error

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This is a nice condition early release (first back cover) of the mono edition of the Beatles VI album with the black Capital label with rainbow color band. Some of the Beatles albums were issued in several different subtle jacket and album variations that are collected, and this is one of them. Like most Beatles albums, this one was printed for several years. This example can be identified as one of the earliest 1965 printings for three reasons. First, the back jacket cover song list reads "See label for correct playing order" because the cover was printed before they were certain as to the order of the songs. Another feature of the first series of East Coast labels for this album shows BMI as having the performance rights organization for all songs except for Words Of Love, which is designated as ASCAP. This was an error subsequently revised in latter printings. Finally it has the plain Capital sleeve with Capital Records Inc. seen on the earliest releases.

The album was used and has some very light wear and scuff on the cover and album. The album has some finger prints, and on one song (side II, "What You're Doing" , there is a distinct scratch that I think would be audible, but overall the album seems to have had light use. The jacket cover has some light dents, and a frayed top left corner but no serious wear. Plenty of views are provided, so you can judge for yourself.

It will be a nice addition for your collection and will display well.

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