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Antique Scandinavian Coin Silver Spoon twisted Handle, signed PA

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This is a delicate and well made coin silver spoon from Scandinavia. It is signed P.A. and has a purity mark of 0.830. This is coin silver, and only a few European countries adopted this standard for their coins, including Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. (Incidentally, US coin silver pieces if marked have 900 [=900/1000], other countries like Czarist Russia are marked 84 for the 840/1000 purity of their silver coins.). The 0 in front of the 830 is an indicator that the spoon was likely made in either Denmark or Norway, and not Sweden.

The spoon was made from a thin sheet of metal, and you could easily bend it in your fingers. It has a simple hammered design on the handle. A spoon of this design and composition would most likely have been made between 1880 and 1920, but could be later.

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