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1903 Memories of Santa 1986 Don Warning Father Christmas Russia

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This Santa Claus ornament or figurine was issued as part of the Memories of Santa Collection created by the late Don Warning. The collection was inspired by the evolving depiction of Santa through the years, beginning with the etchings that accompanied Clement Moore's 1840 classic, A Visit From Saint Nicholas. The pieces were five inches tall, made of a form of earthenware, and hand painted. Warning issued 139 different Santas (including variations) between 1983 to 2002. They had a gold string on top for hanging, but buyers often cut it off and displayed the Santa on a shelf.

This is the 1903 Santa, inspired by the Russian Father Christmas. It was introduced in 1989 and discontinued in 1993. The loop and gold string on top were cut or broken off. There is also tiny paint chip and a blob of paint on the cheek that looks like a tear. It has slight evidence of wear and little paint loss, but it is in overall good condition, with no cracks, and is nicely hand painted. This is one of the rarer pieces in the series.

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