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Box of Invoices from 1923 of Osterville Cape Cod General Store

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This is a box of business receipts dating from 1923 for a Cape Cod store in the Village of Osterville. The name of the store was W. I. Fuller & Co. also known as Fuller market, and was considered a grocery or general store. On Google Books I found a picture of the market dating to 1915, which I include in the listing below. By the 1920s, the store had expanded further according to the Osterville book. All theses records were contained in the 12 inch tall wood and paper letter box file shown (ruler added to picture for scale, it is not included).

Included are at least a couple hundred receipts and invoices from at least a couple dozen companies. Most of the invoices are for food merchandise, but some like the Underwood typewriter, may be for the operation of the business, and others, like a washer machine may be special order items, may be special orders for customers. There are a lot of purchases of gasoline (from Texaco 24 cents a gallon) and oil (14 cents per gallon for "water white oil" from Standard oil of New York SOCONY) too, so I think Fuller may have had pumps in front of the store. He also sold clothing items, like gloves, corn cob pipes, lawn mowers (wholesale around $13), hoses, brushes, brooms, saws, and more. There is a wonderful variety of food items sold including a lot of specialty items from SS Pearce, biscuits were bought from the Nabisco company and Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company (=Sunshine Biscuits), shears, berry baskets, corncob pipes, tinware, stove parts, feed, soda, ice cream, and various dry goods and meats from regional and statewide sources, and some items shipped from Chicago and Canada, and rail items like salt cod. There are also Town of Barnstable Tax receipts, and insurance receipts, a few merchant checks paid on a Hyannis bank, and plumbing receipts

Some of the other companies represented include: Grocers Bread Company of Boston, Tetley Tea, Sagamore Commission Company (hosiery, underwear and shirts), The Wason Company (a wholesale grocer in Hyannis), Beech-Nut Packing Company of NY where he bought bacon (he went through 4 dozen boxes a week in the summer), Ballou, Johnson, and Nichols Co. of Rhode Island, Whiting Milk of Boston, Joseph Breck and Sons Agricultural warehouse, Gilded Dome Brand, swift and company Brockton, Lard, C.F. Hathaway and sons bakers, Delano Potter and Co importers (pekoe buds tea)

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