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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Costs: How much does each item cost to ship? Just add an item to your shopping cart, then open your cart and click the "estimate shipping" button. There is no need to login or register. We allow you to select the service that best fits your delivery needs and budget.

Domestic shipping: US shipments: We use the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for most of our shipping. We recommend using the first class parcel rate for small items that weigh less than 16 ounces; it is just as fast as priority mail and it saves you money. For certain paper items (postage stamps, banknotes, etc.) that can fit in an envelope (maximum dimensions: 6 x 11 inches), you can select a USPS letter envelope if that is given as an option if you do not mind the possibility of the item becoming folded in your mailbox (items are protected by light card stock), otherwise items are sent at the package rate in either a rigid cardboard flat, an envelope with cardboard inserts, or in a box as appropriate. If you select first class letter for an item that cannot fit a letter, your payment will be refunded.

International shipping: We ship to Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Commonwealth countries, and European Union countries. Sales to other countries will depend on customs restrictions, risk of package loss, and other factors. We reserve the right to refund any attempted international purchase. We generally recommend shipping packages "First Class International" (formerly called "Air Letter Post") for smaller packages (the package must be under 4 pounds). This is the least expensive shipping option, and an air letter post package of 1 pound will generally cost less than $16 to ship to most countries from the US. You cannot insure air letter post packages, so if you want insurance, it must be shipped global priority mail, which may cost $30 to $40 for a modest weight packages. For certain paper items (postage stamps, banknotes) that can fit in an envelope (maximum dimensions: 6 x 11 inches), you can select a letter envelope if you do not mind the possibility of the item becoming folded in transit, or in your mailbox (item will only be protected by light card stock), otherwise items are sent in a rigid cardboard flat, in an envelope with cardboard inserts, or in a box at the package rate(around $9). Please also note that PayPal Express may have additional limitations or restrictions for some international shipping.

Insurance: The costs of insurance is automatically included in the package handling fee, and will cover the costs of items lost or damaged. Please note however, that if you live in an apartment complex or in an area where packages left outside may be stolen, please leave a note for your mail carrier or UPS deliver not to leave packages in an unsecured location. The USPS does not honor insurance (nor will we) for stolen packages if the carrier scans the package as "delivered" and leaves it outdoors. If you request it, we can ship items with signature verification, so if you are not home, you can stop by the post office to pick up your package. In general, we will provide complimentary signature verification service automatically on items valued over $100. On items valued between $50 and $100, we will provide complimentary signature verification upon request. For items valued less than $50, there is an additional $1.50 charge for the signature verification upon delivery service. As noted above, for items valued over $5, we generally ship items with delivery confirmation tracking codes so that final delivery of packages can be confirmed.

Returns: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If we shipped an item in error, it is damaged, or if it does not match the description, you will get a full refund of all your costs upon return of the item. If there are other reasons for a return, you must pay for the return shipping and you will receive a refund minus a restocking fee the greater of $1 or 5% of the items value. If an item has been lost or damaged in transit, contact us with 5 working days of receipt of receiving damaged merchandise, or 10 days after shipping notification for potentially lost items.

Shipping Calculator: The shipping calculator displays USPS rates based on either your zip code (in the US; no need to enter the state) or country. A few lightweight items are shipped free. If the shipping calculator shows "free shipping options" on the first line, select that and you will not be charged shipping on at checkout.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.


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