Wedgwood is one of England's finest porcelain companies, and has been in business for more than 250 years. Today, Wedgwood is part of a larger holding company that includes Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood, Rosenthal and Royal Doulton.

Date Codes on Wedgwood

Beginning in 1860, Wedgwood adopted a date code system. Three letters are present, with the last letter representing the year, beginning with the letter O in 1860, continuing to Z in 1871, then starting at A in 1872, then again in 1898. In 1907 the scheme changed, where the first letter changed to the number 3, and the letter J representing 1907. In 1924, the first digit changed to the number 4, and the letters cycled back to the letter A. In 1930, the last two number of 4 digits were the year. In the 1950s and after, the two digit year stood alone.

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