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Camera lens markings

Decoding the markings on vintage and modern camera lenses, lens adapters, and lens filters.
1:1.8f number, maximum value shown (a single number for a prime or fixed focal length lens, a single number or range of numbers for zoom lenses). The lower the number, the "faster" the lens (and generally more expensive). The number is calculated by dividing the diameter of the front lens .(aperture) by the focal length(s)
φLens filter thread size in millimeters.
,Commas are the equivalent of a decimal point on many lens.
50mmThe focal length in millimeters, sometimes given as centimeters.
AFAuto Focus.
ARKonica AR mount.
ASL (Tamron)An aspherical optics design lens.
AUTOAutomatic aperture.
BBAR (Tamron)Broad Band Anti Reflection; another name for multi-coated lenses.
C/YContax or Yashica lens mount.
CF (Tamron)Continuos focus (throgh zoom).
Close FocusClose focus, the lens may have some "macro" capabilities (at least 1:6 magnification).
CS (on base)Contax Screw mount, or Contax S camera mount, the first camera with 42mm thread interchangeable lenses. Now known as the M42 or M42 x 0.75 thread pitch mount. Also called the Pentax screw mount, Universal thread mount or Universal screw mount.
EOSCanon EOS camera mount (1988 to present).
FDThe Canon FD Bayonet mount.
FL The Canon FL Bayonet mount.
HAZEHaze lens filter
IF (Tamron)Internal focusing; the lens does not change length when zoomed
ISImage stabilization; found in modern EF and other modern Canon lenses
KPentax K Mount
K/RRicoh K mount; same as the Pentax K mount except they have an additional pin or bearing connecting to the Ricoh
LD (Tamron)Low Dispersion, a higher quality version of the lens
LTMLeica Thread Mount; = M39
M39A 39mm diameter threaded mount, also called the Leica Thread Mount (LTM)
M4242mm threaded mount with a 1mm thread pitch, =M42x1.0. Also called the Contax screw mount, Pentax screw mount, Universal thread mount or Universal screw mount. Compare with the T mount.
MACROA loose term generally meaning the lens can achieve a 1:6 magnification or better. A true Macro lens has a 1:1 magnification or better (a 1 cm wide object covers 1 cm of the sensor)
MCFor almost all lens, this means Multi-Coated optic
MC (Minolta only)Meter Coupling; version of the SR mount (in use 1966-1977)
Rokkor-PGMinolta Rokkor lens. The first letter is the designation of lens groups, the second letter is the number of lens elements
MD (Minolta only)Minimum Diaphragm; version of the SR mount, successor to the MC mount (in use 1977-1985)
MFManual Focus
OS (Sigma)Optical Stabilization
PKPentax K Mount
RokkorPrincipal lens line offered by Minolta through the 1980s
serial numbersSome lenses are marked with unique serial numbers. Often the first few numbers of a searial number can be decoded to identify the year and factory or country where they were made.
SMCSuper Mutli Coated lenses (mostly Pentax)
SP (Tamron)Super Performance; a higher quality version of the lens
TT mount; has a 42mm diameter thread with a 0.75mm thread pitch, =M42x0.75; (see M42)
TakumarTakumar is the name that Asahi Optical gave to its lenses
TELETelephoto capabilities, generally with a focal length greater than 135mm
USMUltra Sonic Motor; one type of auto focus motors in modern Canon cameras
UVUV light lens filter.
VR (Nikon)Vibration Reduction.
ZOOMLens with a variable focal length.

Vintage lenses that can be adapted to Canon EOS without optical elements to achieve infinity focus: Contax/Yashica, CY Leica R lenses, M42 screw mount, Praktiflex M40 (use 40 to 42 adapter), Nikon F, Olympus OM, Pentax K PK (including KPR Ricoh version), Praktica / Pentacon PB, Exakta ( EXA), Auto Topcon RE, Tamron Adaptall. These lenses can be adopted by adaptors without corrective lenses if macro-only is desired (without infinity focus): Canon FD, Nikon S (Rangefinder), Konica F (KM), Minolta R-MC-MD, Minolta A-mount has clearance issues, Sigma SA, and all Rangefinders.

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