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Glassware Makers

Glassware Identification Links and Selected Production Dates

Below are some great links we have discovered on the web that can help you identify glassware makers. When you click the link, you will leave our website. If you want to return, click the back button on your browser.

American Brilliant Period Cut Glass ACG Association - Examples
Anchor Hocking Glass Corp.(1937 to present, Fire-King 1940s to present)
Blenko Glass Company vintage catalogs (1930 to present)
Candlewick Stemware Reference Pages (Imperial pattern: 1936-1984)
Carnival Glass 101
Hooked on Carnival Glass
Collector Information Glassware Links
Davidson English Pressed Glass
Decanters & Drinking Glasses
EAPG: Corrections to Edwards Book
EAPG: Early American Pattern Glass at patternglass.com
EAPG- Early American Pattern Glass at the online store allantiqueglass.com
Etched Crystal Patterns at Replacements.com
Fenton Art Glass Co. (1905 to present)
Fenton Fanatics site
National Fenton Glass Society
Glass Bottle Marks
Glass Encyclopedia
Glass identification Marks and Shapes Shotglass.org
Glass Identification: Signatures & Marks
Glass Marks
Glass notes some manufacturer's labels & marks
Glass Lovers Database
Glass Encyclopedia
Glass notes manufacturers, Q to R
The Glass Museum links page
Heisey Glass Museum
Indiana Glass: Carnival Patterns
King's Crown
Collectors Weekly: Morgantown Crinkle or Seneca Driftwood
National Imperial Glass Collectors Society
Orrefors & Kosta
Pilgrim Glass
Pressed Glass and Goblets pressedglassandgoblets.com
Herbert Green Collection of Sandwich glass, Skinner Auction
justglassmall.com glass auction site
Viking Art Glass
Westmoreland Glass

For information about Bottles, jars, and insulators, please visit our Bottles, jars, and insulators information and links page.

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