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Ceramics ID Links

Ceramics and Porcelain Identification Links

Below are some great links we have discovered on the web that can help you identify ceramic and porcelain manufacturers. When you click the link, you will leave our website. Click the back arrow on your browser to return.

American Art Pottery marks
Beer Stein Library - Home Page
International Beer Stein Collectors
Blue and white.com
Ceramics Glossary
Miniapolis Museum Guide to Chinese Ceramics
Chinese Porcelain Marks-late; Gotheburg site
Chinese porcelain marks - 20th century
Ming Qing Chinese Porcelain marks
Chinese Porcelain, Ming,Qing porcelain pottery, marks
thepotteries.org: Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co Ltd.
Delft marks free e-book
Delft: Porceleyne Fles
Delftware identification
Doulton Ceramic Marks
English Registered Design or Trade Mark
English Stoke-on-Trent
English Porcelain, Pottery and Ceramic Trade Marks
English Ceramic Trade Marks
Fiesta, Fiestaware, and Homer Laughlin article in Collectors Weekly
German site of International Ceramic Marks
Gouda pottery
Hagen-Renaker Retired at Margaret's
Haviland Online - Haviland Backmarks
Japanese porcelain marks
McCoy Pottery Online
Old Ivory and Ohme Porcelains
Piggy Banks and Famous Potteries
Porcelain Mark Identification
Pottery Links from GLSA
Quimper Marks and signs
Royal Copenhagen Marks
Royal Delft - Porcelyne Fles Marks
Staffordshire Pottery Trademarks
Replacements, Ltd.
Roseville Exchange Marks Fakes
Royal Copenhagen date marks
Royal Copenhagen Dating
Wade Whimsies Figurines
Wade Ireland
Wedgwood Datemarks
Weller Pottery History from Justpottery

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