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Three 1961 8mm Films Mexico Trip Bullfight and San Jose Pyramid

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For one money are three rolls of film from 1961, of a couples trip to Mexico. The boxes are labeled: "beginning of Mexico trip, ?????mulca, Cathedral, and beginning bullfight", "All bullfight" and, "Pyramids and Temple, San Jose Ruins." The postmark on one film is 1961. One roll has some footage in a car in the desert approaching based on the markings on the box, the San José el Mogote archaeological pyramid ruins and pyramid in Oaxaca, Mexico. Other scenes include travel through a lush area then stops at a hanging garden site. This roll, or maybe the second has a brief scene of a kid digging on a beach. The second roll has Mexico street scenes and some sort of decorated flotilla of boats, a parade of some sorts, traveling under a foot bridge. This roll begins the bullfight in the last 1/4 of the film or thereabouts, and the entirety of the third film is a bullfight.

I took the pictures shown with my handheld digital camera trying to focus on the viewer of a Baia splicer, or through a magnifier, and my pictures of the selected frames came out terrible, with bright centers created by the light bulb light source and my camera not focusing well or tilted on the viewing surface. The film is in generally good shape and the scenes are in focus on the film, and I would rate it as typical home movie quality. The box is slightly musty, and the grey rolls has a white powder on the plastic, which I have seen on this type of plastic before, but the film itself, while having some dirt and scratches, is in reasonable shape and should transfer with no problem.

This film is around 50 years old, and documents a classic Mexico vacation of the period. There are lots of inexpensive services that could convert it to digital video on a DVD (some as low as $7.00 including shipping, search "8mm transfer DVD"). Once the film is digital, you can even print individual frames easily from your computer.

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