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Star-D Gold Line 28mm 2.8/f Wide Macro 1:4 Lens Japan Pentax K

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This is a vintage Star-D Gold Line 35mm film camera lens with a 28 mm focal distance, a minimum f-number of 2.8, and with a built in 1:4 Macro capability. The minimum working distance is less than 8 inches. It has a Pentax K (PK) mount, threaded for 52mm filters, and likely dates to the early 1970s. Star-D rebranded lens by other makers. While many of the Star-D lenses were from Korea, this higher quality "Gold Line" version is a better quality Japan-made variant that appears hard to find. It has a long 180 degree throw. It is similar to a Chinon lens of the period, but it is uncertain as to the manufacturer of this well made lens.

Optically the lens is clean, with no fungus or haze, and modest specs of dust inside. If you put your eye close to the rear lens you can see some fine scratches on the surface of the front lens, but these are so fine, they were impossible to photograph. Image quality is great even wide open as shown by the sample close-up mage of the penny.

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