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Antique Grooved Rolling Pin, Chestnut, Lefse Tutove Kitchen

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This is an old or antique grooved rolling pin probably used making or Old World flatbreads like Lefse, but may have also been used for pastry making. Modern and most old Scandinavian Lefse bread rolling pins, which are designed to press air out of the dough, have flat ridges. Tutove pastry rolling pins, which are used to distribute the butter in the pastry layers have ridges the long way instead.

This rolling pin is just over 12 inches (30 cm) long, and 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) in diameter. It has angular ridges, is worn and well used, and many of the ridges have chips here and there as shown in the pictures. The wood is somewhat light, and looks to be American Chestnut. It was hand turned, has fine scoreline decorations on the handle, and has a wonderful dark patina from years of use. It displays well, and certainly could still be used, and would be a fine addition to an antique kitchen tool collection.

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